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Cim Italy - Borchie Metalliche
Cim Italy - Borchie Metalliche

Cim Italy was founded in the seventies.  Its aim was, and still remains, to satisfy the ever-widening request for accessories for clothing, footwear and leather goods.  Over the years, a highly professional team in our internal laboratory has worked alongside production and marketing distribution for the application of accessories directly onto items provided by our clients.

Our company constitutes an irreplaceable benchmark for the most important stylists, who find in Cim Italy the necessary experience to enable their ideas, suggestions and wishes to become concrete projects, exuding elegance and refinement. Our workforce is continually dedicated to serving the world of fashion with passion, and our continual research and technological development enables us to offer our clients innovative solutions.

Currently our customer portfolio consists of more than 500 companies operating in the field of fashion and design, of which 60% are national enterprises, and 40% are foreign enterprises. Our presence in Italy is provided through a nation-wide network of sales agents, while foreign operations are ensured by a network of agents and distributors located in various countries including France, Spain, the U.K., Germany, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand.

Over the last decade Cim Italy has developed its business with the strong belief that taking care of our environment and our health is fundamental for a sense of community, and essential for the development of a company’s growth. Cim Italy benefits from the application of the best technologies on the market, and promotes a development of its activity, striving to guarantee the highest production standards possible whilst respecting natural resources and making a conscious effort to preserve our environment for future generations.

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