Heat-Adhesive Paper for Transfer (Acrylic/Silicone) The heat-adhesive paper for transfer is used to position the heat-adhesive items in order to create patterns and designs on fabrics and clothes. There are two types of heat-adhesive paper: acrylic heat-adhesive paper; silicone heat-adhesive paper. Depending on the type of items used and the base on which they will… Continue reading HEAD-ADHESIVE PAPER FOR TRANSFER


Heat-Adhesive Sheets The heat-adhesive sheets have a standard size of 24×40 cm, they can be customised and, in case of production, they can be shaped to the size requested by the customer. Each heat-adhesive sheet can be made with different materials: rhinestones, caviar beads, glitter, chains, stones and other elements. To access the Cim Italy… Continue reading HEAT-ADHESIVE SHEETS