Cim Italy - Borchie Metalliche
Cim Italy - Borchie Metalliche

Our history

Cim Italy was founded in the 1970s with the aim of meeting the ever-growing demand for accessories for clothing, footwear and leather goods. Over the years, the production and marketing of various items has been accompanied by a highly professional in-house laboratory for the application of accessories directly on the garments provided by customers.

Our company represents an irreplaceable reference point for the most important designers who find in us the necessary experience to ensure that their ideas, indications and desires are transformed into concrete projects characterised by elegance and refinement. Everyday our work team puts itself at the service of the great fashion industry with passion and commitment: research and development are our guidelines to offer our customers innovative solutions.

Currently, the customer portfolio consists of more than 500 companies operating in the fashion and design sector. The clientele is made up of 60% national companies and 40% foreign companies. The presence in Italy is guaranteed through a sales network consisting of agents located throughout the territory, while abroad operations are covered by a network of agents and distributors located in various countries including: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Turkey and New Zealand.

In the last decade, Cim Italy has developed its activities in the belief that the protection of the Environment and health are fundamental values for the community and functional to business growth; Cim Italy operates by applying the best available technologies and promoting the development of its activities aimed at ensuring the highest product standards in respect of natural resources and making every effort to preserve the environment for future generations.