Galvanics and painting processes      Contact us Thanks to our collaboration with specialised and exclusively Italian companies, leaders in the field of galvanics and painting processes, we are able to provide any type of finish on our non-thermoadhesive items, producing pantone finishes at the customer’s request. All our galvanic and painting processes are guaranteed… Continue reading GALVANICS AND PAINTING PROCESSES


Technologies for the application of studs, pearls, eyelets, rhinestones and thermoadhesive items      Contact us Over the past decade, Cim Italy has implemented and modernised its technology, complementing its traditional machinery with new high-performance equipment capable of reducing production times for each type of item (thermoadhesive, studs, eyelets or other products). All these innovative… Continue reading TECHNOLOGY


Application of Claw Studs, ABS Studs, Pearls and Standard or Double-Sided Eyelets      Contact us The application of jaw studs may be either single/manual or multiple by means of moulds that we call ‘universal’ or ‘fantasy’ and which can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs. A variety of patterns can be obtained from… Continue reading APPLICATION STUDS PEARLS EYELETS


Experts in thermoadhesive applications      Contact us Our laboratory, relying on experts in the field as well as high-tech machinery, is able to address every customer request concerning thermoadhesive applications: from the application of simple designs up to garments or uppers entirely covered with rhinestones, studs or other thermoadhesive items. Our experience allows us… Continue reading THERMOADHESIVE APPLICATIONS